Samuel Knight is an MA photography graduate based in Brighton, UK. His photographs explore the relationship between us and the land we inhabit in a temporal context, looking for signs that describe how we have constantly adapted and changed the landscapes we settle in to suit our various ways of living. Elements of familiar landscapes are presented stoically and with reverence, allowing the spaces to quietly tell a story through temporal indexes that exist within the visible area. The outside observer is offered an opportunity to see the history of the landscape, and envision potential futures for the spaces contained within, with the aim to reaffirm the importance of the natural space left around us.

Exhibition history:

Fal Building, Truro College  2012
Pydar Gallery, Truro - 'Within Places of Significance, solo exhibition  2013
Lander Gallery, Truro  2013
Scott Building, Plymouth University  2014
Grand Parade, University of Brighton  2018

Publication history:

Viva Lewes x 2  2009
Plain Lazy Spring/Summer  2010
Plain Lazy Spring/Summer  2011
'Within Places of Significance', Self published  2012
'Luminarium', BA show publication  2013
'Urban Growth', Self published  2014
'The East Escarpment of Offham-hill', Self published  2018

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